Caffeine metabolism and sleep optimization update.

It’s been about a week now since I’ve started re-introducing some caffeine back into my diet due to my ideas on hacking my caffeine stimulant metabolism.

I’ve made the following changes:

– no chocolate (except in my protein shake in the AM)

– caffeine ONLY in the AM.  

– broccoli and sulforaphane supplementation.  

I haven’t yet tried to isolate which one of these variables is now allowing me to take in caffeine and sleep less but the results have been dramatic.

I basically went from about 9 hours of sleep with Adderall XR and 20-30mg of caffeine to about 6.5 hours of sleep with just ~20mg of caffeine.

My regular sleep WITHOUT any caffeine is just about 6.5 hours so I think I’m going to see law of diminishing returns on this path if I try to optimize further.

I’m able to sleep within 1-2 minutes of going to bed as well.  

In conclusion.  I’ve gone from 9 hours of sleep down to 6.5 hours of sleep with the same level of productivity.  No change in wakefulness.  No change in gym recovery, etc.

The real test is whether I can sustain this for six months or so.


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