Day 1 of Green Tea Mental Performance Hacking

Woke up at 8AM and had 1g of green tea steeped for about 5 minutes.  This was combined with about 30g of MCT oil, 20g of grass fed butter, and 10g of coconut oil.  

Tasted fine.  More green tea would be better and maybe salt free butter.  But for an early experiment it is fine.

Noticed NO problems of foggy brain today in fact I was very productive.

Worked out at the gym and got in a good workout without feeling tired.  I think this is primarily due to focusing on recovery though as I haven’t been lifting for the last two days.  

No sign of over performance.  I didn’t feel over stimulated.

The real issue will come tonight when I try to get some sleep.  If I’m able to go to sleep fast and still get a good 7 hours and feel relaxed I would say it’s a good experiment.

One potential screw up is that I did NOT have my supplements after the coffee which I think was a failure.  I had them during lunch. 

This might impact my circadian rhythm though as the Vitamin D could screw me up.

It’s enough that if there are any weird/unusual sleep activities tonight that I can’t rule multi-variable change.

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