Restwise needs to support Withings, Zeo, and OAUTH

There is a new product out called restwise which looks awesome in theory.

Their execution could be a bit better.  Specifically I want a pulse oximeter that either supports Bluetooth 4.0 or Wifi so that my data is automatically broadcast to the cloud.
Anyway.  They collect pulse oximeter data as well as weight, and sleep data to predict your training plan based on your level of recovery.
They make you MANUALLY re-enter all the data.
My Withings scale has my weight and it’s on their site and OAUTH accessible.
Same thing with my full diet including all my nutrients.
Same thing with my sleep history in the Zeo.
Why are they prompting me again to manually re-enter this data?  All these websites have APIs.
Also, it seems like there is an opportunity for another player in the fitness cloud.
Specifically morning fitness recovery.
They should also measure resting body temperature to tests for thyroid issues and maybe even promote the use of the pulse oximeter as a cheap polysomnograph to measure whether I had any issue with sleep at night (AKA Apnea).
Professional polysomnographs cost about 2-5k PER NIGHT so a cheap alternative should be really easy to build here.  I just haven’t had the time.
Anyway.  It’s 2012.  The age of re-entering all this data manually is over.
This is Fitness 2.0 people.  Get with the program!

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