New morning wake protocol (overtraining plus improved mental performance)

I’m going to be making two major changes to my fitness regime tomorrow.

The first is that I’m going to try a cup of mild green tea in the morning.

This will include mct oil, butter, and coconut oil … I think the fats and the caffeine + theanine combo will REALLY kick ass as it will wake me up but also since it’s a MILD amount of caffeine won’t really impact my sleep at night.

I’m going to measure my dosage of the green tea so it isn’t variable.

The next is orthostatic heart rate monitoring to detect if I’m overtraining.  My resting heart rate should be reasonable on days I’m expecting full recovery.  

Basically you wake up and sit in bed still for 5 minutes and then measure your heart rate.  You compare these values over the next few days.  The higher the heart rate the more your body is trying to recover.

In my experience this really holds true so I’m excited to put this into practice.

When I was in Yosemite last year I was at about 10k feet and was having problems with acclimatization.  My heart rate was WAY elevated.  About 90 bpm… My normal RMR is about 55-60 so my body was clearly overwhelmed.

A lot of this is due to hypoxia of course but the body is in a similar state of stress when trying to recover from training.


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