Iron anemia cured in six days!

I’ve been doing paleo with far too few foods containing iron.  I don’t like eating red meat so this was part of the problem but mussels/clams/oysters are also somewhat difficult to store without going bad and giving you  food poisoning.

So I decided to keep going down this path and instead supplemented with iron.

… big mistake.  I ended up with iron anemia again.  This is the second time I’ve had it and it is NO fun.

Dizzy head.  Lethargy.  Lack of athletic performance, etc.

I decided to attack it HEAD on this time and went with 100% grass fed red meat 3x per day including breakfast.  

I also mixed in a lot of clams and mussels in the mix.

The result is that at the end of only SIX days all my anemia symptoms are gone.

Apparently, the body can produce a new batch of red blood cells in 7 days… it takes about 60 days to fully cycle through and get back to optimum levels so I’m going to keep it up and do about 50% seafood based iron and the other 50% is going to come from red meat.

Generally this is an epic win though and I’m very excited about it.  I was REALLY not looking forward to having to wait the full 60 days to get back on my bike.

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