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Wow.  So this is day 2 post anemia.

WHAT AN AMAZING RIDE I just had.. I feel like a million bucks!

Just a massive amount of power coming out of a stop.  I’m able to maintain a cadence MUCH longer. 

It seriously feels like I am 40% stronger than I was 2 weeks ago.

It’s interesting to note that I’ve been riding without my heart rate monitor because I keep forgetting to put it on.

So RunKeeper has a funny habit of picking up OTHER people’s Ant+ HRMs and logging points of data in my graph.

Here’s an example.

Comparing apples to apples.  It seems that on the same stretch of road 2 weeks ago I was riding at 15MPH where now I’m riding at 20MPH.  That’s a 33% improvement!  

I love cows!


Today was my first post-anemia cycling and gym day.  I don’t do any hard core cycling on my gym days.  Usually just 20 minutes.  About 8 miles or 350 calories.

The ride was REALLY easy.  My legs were real strong.  It felt like I could actually kick it up a notch and use a higher gear.

The data would seem to back this up already.

Today’s ride was about 16.73 MPH on average.  

My last there rides were and 14.46 and 14.64 …

I did a similar ride which wasn’t exactly the same route but that was 13.70 MPH

Isn’t it awesome to have this data!

This is a 15% performance improvement.  

Also, I didn’t particularly push it that hard on this ride more than I normally do.

I’m going to take a couple more measurements and see what is up.

I also might get a power meter for my bike to get more objective data.

I also lifted today and the results were vastly improved.

I was able to finish my entire workout without any fading in energy like last time.  

Further, I only had MILD dizziness while doing deadlifts.  It lasted maybe 2 seconds and wasn’t severe at all.

Hopefully by next week this is gone altogether.

I’m still using my 3x meal plan with red meat.  Long term this isn’t a good strategy but it has worked like a champ to get me back in shape quickly.

As an aside.  I think I discovered that I’m allergic to shellfish.  At least mussels and clams.

I woke up this morning with a rough case of itching on my face and neck and I noticed the SAME thing last week as well.

This is new.  I REALLY like seafood so this is a bit disturbing.  They’re also good sources of iron so I’m going to have to figure out what is going on here.


Wow. This is really slick. The new Sony Ericsson Xperia phones have Ant+ integrated directly into the phone hardware.

This is huge as it means that more support for ANT+ will hopefully be forthcoming and other vendors


I am pleased to announce that the much anticipated ANT API for Android has now been released. The Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X8, Xperia™ X10 mini and Xperia™ X10 mini pro will be among the first commercially available Android phones to support ANT. The good folks at Sony Ericsson have indicated that support will be added to more devices in the near future.  Applications will be able to utilize this API in the announced devices as well as in all future devices supporting ANT.

[From ANT API for Android™ released | Developer World]