Post Anemia – Day (wow)

Wow.  So this is day 2 post anemia.

WHAT AN AMAZING RIDE I just had.. I feel like a million bucks!

Just a massive amount of power coming out of a stop.  I’m able to maintain a cadence MUCH longer. 

It seriously feels like I am 40% stronger than I was 2 weeks ago.

It’s interesting to note that I’ve been riding without my heart rate monitor because I keep forgetting to put it on.

So RunKeeper has a funny habit of picking up OTHER people’s Ant+ HRMs and logging points of data in my graph.

Here’s an example.

Comparing apples to apples.  It seems that on the same stretch of road 2 weeks ago I was riding at 15MPH where now I’m riding at 20MPH.  That’s a 33% improvement!  

I love cows!


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