John Kerry Threatens to Kill President Bush on Bill Maher

The recent episode of Bill Maher was awesome. Robin Williams and Richard Clarke were great but what I found really interesting was when John Kerry seemingly threatens to kill President Bush (which is a crime).

(Maher asks Kerry what he got his wife for her birthday)

kerry: I did not get her catchup


maher: … you could have gone to New Hampshire and killed two birds with one stone.


kerry: I could have gone to 1600 Pennsylvania and killed the real bird with one stone.


1600 Pennsylvania avenue is where the Whitehouse is located.

Now I realize he was joking but generally speaking the Secret Service doesn’t have a sense of humor about these things and has to investigate anyway. I wonder if they’ll be paying John Kerry a visit or let it slide because he’s a Senator.

  1. I think he’ll be safe. By ‘kill the bird’, I think he means he could have been living there as President. I think ‘killing two birds with one stone’ is a popular enough phrase that they’ll get it :)

    Even if they didn’t, he said ‘I could have’, which isn’t a threat. ‘have’ been the important word. Even saying ‘I could have killed President Bush two years ago’ isn’t a threat but a fact (even if untrue) about a past event.

    Okay, pedantry over!

  2. Regarding your transcript above, it’s “ketchup”, not “catchup”; a joking reference to Mrs. Kerry having inherited the Heinz Ketchup fortune (worth about $500 million).

  3. Burn The

    Personaly I hate bush. Ok, screw it, let the Secret Services “investigate” me for publicly speaking my mind.

    Its not like freedom isn’t outlawed anyway, so only outlaws will have it. Besides I already have the FBI investigating me. GOOD! Let em! I’ve never committed a crime, unless advocating the presidents impeachment is a crime….which I’m sure is now with the patriot act.

    But for all those out there who like to criticize, and manipulate the meaning of things I AM STRICTLY NONE VIOLENT IN !ALL! CIRCUMSTANCE!

    I know of more then a few incidents where people where arrested for just speaking there min in a none threatening way, by having “evidence” used against them; evidence which was just there words taken out of context.

    Fuck politics, fuck Bush, and fuck Government. I’m my own ruler. Not them scum-bag tank-ass motherfuckers on capitol hill. Let em’ come for me, because when they do, I’ll be ready.

    And whats with freedom eh? Pfff, freedom…what a joke. Like such a word exists. What we have here is a wage-slave environment run by corperate bornw-nosing puppets for oil, who wage war, lie, cheat, and defy all laws of this Nation, and get away with it, under the hood of “maybes” “it remains to be seen” and lobbyiest opposition.

    In short, I hope American politics disitigrates into the useless pile of shit it is, and the socio-economic
    system collapses on itself.

    No I’m not a terrorist, and I don’t advocate violence in any way shape or form.
    But I can hope that poverty, hunger, diesese, anger, hate, racism, and all things negative grow in proliferation within America, so that maybe people will be AT LEAST forced to see the reality of the situation…

    Bush is a tyrant, Government is a illusion, and we’re all fools for believing in it all.

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