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“The militant revolutionaries, ask ’em to show you one revolution that turned out to be what it promised – militantly.

Take Russia, France, Anywhere. What you do is smash the place down then we build it up again – and the people who build it up, hang on to it – and then they become the establishment. You guys are going to be the establishment in a few years. It’s not worth knocking it down because it’s convenient to have the rules and the machinery.

The thing is to protest but protest non-violently because violence begets violence.

If you run around wild you get smashed. After all that’s the law of the universe.

They’ve got all the weapons and they’ve got all the money and they know how to fight violence because they’ve been doing it for a thousand years.

The only thing they don’t know about is non-violence and humor. “

How awesome is this. MSNBC has put the ENTIRE Countdown with Keith Olbermann show in podcast form (including video). Click here to subscribe in iTunes.

That totally made my day.

Now if they can get Hardball with Chris Matthews into podcast form I’ll be totally happy.

BTW. I’d pay for this guys!

Clinton 1984

In hindsight, this video was amazingly prescient. At the time I thought it was a bit over the top but it appears to be dead on.

I guess the Bush administration jumped at the Opportunity to crush NASA’s Sprit (pun intended).

This is horrible news. Ruins my month.

For the record. $4M is nothing. Thats 13 minutes in Iraq.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Scientists plan to put one of the twin Mars rovers to sleep and limit the activities of the other robot to fulfill a NASA order to cut $4 million from the program’s budget, mission team members said Monday.

The news comes amid belt-tightening at NASA headquarters, which is under pressure to juggle Mars exploration and projects to study the rest of the solar system.

The solar-powered rovers Spirit and Opportunity have dazzled scientists and the public with findings of geologic evidence that water once flowed at or near the surface of Mars long ago.


Well, maybe not:

NASA says it has absolutely no plan to turn off either of the Mars Rovers because of budget cuts.

NASA is saying Tuesday that it has rescinded a letter that recommended budget cuts in the Mars Rover program to cover the cost of a next-generation rover on the Red Planet.

The move comes a day after scientists at the agency’s robotics center said they would need to hibernate one of the twin Mars robots and limit the duties of the other because their budget was being cut by $4 million.

Clinton has gone out and said she’s raise $35M in February. When compared to Barak Obama’s $42.7M it’s competitive but not too impressive.

Until you look at the numbers:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) was second in fundraising. She collected $34.6 million in February, pushing her total to $173.8 million. That includes $10 million from her Senate campaign account and a $5-million personal loan. Clinton owes consultants and other vendors an additional $3.7 million.

If you take into consideration her $5M loan, her $10M senate campaign account, and her 3.7M in debt, she’s only raised about $15M in February.

Obama crushed her.

Warning. This is a bit disturbing.

You can read more about this incident from Lisa Rein’s blog.

I remember watching the local news the night after the 2003 protests and hearing the police describe violence created by protesters. There might have been isolated violence but the only trouble I saw was caused by the SFPD.

I’m sure the SFPD does a great job in San Francisco. I’m sure they help a lot of people. I’m sure they’ve had their shining moments – this wasn’t one of them.

You can hear my voice in the background at one part. I was telling an officer that he didn’t have to abuse people as part of his job. That if he had ethical objections that he could just go home. I could see by the look in his eye that he didn’t want to be there.

Unfortunately, I had to raise my voice to get over the noise of the crowd so in hindsight I sound a bit hostile. However, it’s hard to keep a clear head and talk with a low voice when the police are randomly attacking people around you and people are screaming.

At the end of the video you can see a cop hit a woman with his baton. She was trying to explain to the officer that her boyfriend they were arresting had nothing to do with the protest. They were simply walking down the street in San Francisco on 4th and Market when the police grabbed him and pulled him into the street.

In part of the video you can see the police storming the sidewalk grabbing random people. This is when he was caught up and pulled into the intersection.

Later, Lisa and I talked to her and she was on her way to the hospital to see if her arm was broken.

200803192158The March 20th 2003 protests in San Francisco occurred nearly five years ago.

I’m never more proud of my participation than I am today. .

Back then, Lisa Rein and I were collaboratively video blogging the protests. The real truth is that Lisa was video blogging and I was watching her back. She deserves nearly all of the credit for these videos.

Lisa wouldn’t have needed any protection if it wasn’t for the violent behavior of the SFPD.

They were the real problem. Otherwise, these would have been peaceful protests. They were violently dragging women across the sidewalk by only their hair. Cross checking people on bikes and on roller blades and slamming them into mailboxes. Charging into the crowd without warning and arresting people randomly.

At one point they even took half a dozen horses and stampeded them into a crowd of people – without warning. They nearly trampled a man to death. I’ll never forget the look on his face while he was fighting for his life under a fifteen hundred pound slab of horse and cop. The sound the horses made as they were forced to charge into a crowd of five hundred people is forever seared into my mind.

A week later, while having dinner with my friends, I tried to recount my story of protest. About half way through my explanation I broke down and couldn’t continue.

That’s never happened to me before… It took me about five minutes to recover.

I think something inside me died that year. To watch the country I love charge head first into such a devastating mistake while simultaneously being helpless to stop it was almost too much be bear.

I felt a bit like Cassandra from ancient Greek mythology. Gifted with the power of foresight but forever cursed by an inability to prevent future disaster.

Now, five years later, the dollar has slid 20% and the country is possibly entering a recession. More than four thousand Americans are dead with nearly 25k casualties. Anywhere from 20k-500k Iraqi’s have been killed based on US an UN projections. We’ve shredded our civil liberties under the false guise that we’re protecting our country and a Democratic congress seems helpless to prevent further damage.

There were follow up protests today in San Francisco. I wish I could have been there.

Well, just for the record, I was right. The war was wrong. The shredding of our constitution was wrong. There weren’t many of us. Back then, it was hard to stick your neck out and say that the Iraq war was a mistake.

… but there’s hope.

Update: Lisa reminded me of the most frightening clip which I’ve now posted to Youtube.

Check out this GREAT police officer on Youtube:

… well, now he has a lot of fans courtesy of RateMyCop:

Based on the video recording I saw of him, officer Guillary seems to be a model for basic police performance. I reside on the East Coast, and we would be very lucky citizens indeed if all local peace officers extended the kind of service to the people as officer Guillary does.

200803142202It’s official. God hates CNN:

A tornado swept through downtown Atlanta tonight, disrupting a college basketball game and damaging the building that houses CNN.

This is almost certainly punishment for their horrible reporting in the run up to the Iraq war.

At least according to the Pat Robertson theory of divine retribution:

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, some religious conservatives have speculated that the storm was sent by God as an omen or as a punishment for America’s alleged sins.

On the September 12 broadcast of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s The 700 Club, host Rev. Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition of America and a former Republican presidential candidate, linked Hurricane Katrina and terrorist attacks to legalized abortion.

… and for the record I’m just joking.

Apparently, with 0% of the vote in, Obama has won the Mississippi primary:

Sen. Barack Obama will win Mississippi’s Democratic primary, CNN projects.

But Mississippi white voters overwhelmingly backed the New York senator, supporting her over Obama 72 percent to 21 percent.

According to the Associated Press, only two other primary states were as racially polarized — neighboring Alabama, and Clinton’s former home state of Arkansas.

I assume ALL of their projections are based on exit polls?




And now Clinton is winning.


How will you survive??

You’ve got to be kidding me. This is running on CNN right now:


The US is occupying two countries, we’re in the middle of a Presidential election – you think maybe they should focus on something more important?

CNN is pathetic.

Bluetooth Burka

This is exceedingly cool:

What would you do if you are modern Muslim women, and you want to flaunt your beauty, but your restricted by the blessed burqa and your religion?

You just put on Markus Kison’s CharmingBurka, a Bluetooth enabled garment that sends an image, chosen by the wearer, to those around her.


The only problem with this is that instead of being stoned to death they’ll just stone your cell phone to death.

Wexley vs Rice Smackdown

Wow. Check out this smackdown between Wexley and Rice.

Rice avoids the question entirely and dances around the fact that the intelligence community was manipulated into coming to the correct conclusion.

Check out the body language on Rice. She HATES being held accountable.

Interesting video.

This guy switched from Democrat to Republican so he could vote for Ron Paul in the California primaries (just like I did).

He went to film himself at voter registration and was then harassed by voting officials for filming on public property.


Explain something to me. The NSA is spying (illegally) on all Americans, recording all of their e-mails in a massive database.

Bush has stopped blatantly lying to Americans and is pretty much just admitting to it now.

However, the Whitehouse seems to be missing a lot of their email (some of which sent over normal channels like AT&T, Sprint, etc) which they’re required by law to maintain.

The White House admitted to Congress last fall, according to members who were present at the closed-door session, that archives have gone missing for hundreds of days’ worth of e-mail messages.

The reported gaps coincide with critical days in some particularly sensitive issues, including inquiries into intelligence failures in the Iraq war and White House leaks about the C.I.A. agent Valerie Plame Wilson.

The stakes are substantial. White House archives, including messages about sensitive policy discussions, are required by law to be preserved for historians and for possible legal demands. The reported gaps involve 473 days in a 20-month period from 2003 to 2005.

For a moment let’s ignore the stupidity of asking the fox to guard the hen house (a 3rd party should be archiving the email in real time).

Why can’t we just use the NSA’s database to restore these emails?

The answer is of course political. The Bush administration WANTS these emails deleted.

So they can spy on innocent American but they can’t be held accountable when they’ve potentially (probably) committed a felony?

We are a nation of men, not of laws.

CNN has an article about slipping fake bombs through TSA security:

TAMPA, Florida (CNN) — Jason — that’s the name CNN was asked to call him — slides a simulated explosive into an elastic back support. The mock bomb is as slim as a wallet; its fuse, the size of a cigarette. He wraps the support around his torso, and the bomb fits comfortably into the small of his back.

It’s hard to tell he’s concealing anything; harder still when he dons a black T-shirt and a maroon golf shirt.

Which begs the question – who can test TSA security? Only the TSA? Sounds a bit like the hen guarding the hen house.

If you or I tried this we’d end up in prison.

Bush is Awesome

George Bush is awesome. How awesome?

This awesome:

President Bush, left, holds the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit that was presented to him by Saudi King Abdullah, right, at Riyadh Palace, Monday, Jan. 14, 2008 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

… 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi Arabian. None were Iraqi. Yet we’re at war with Iraq and Bush gets a medal from the King of Saudi Arabia.

That’s ok though. The spice must flow…


Great video on Ron Paul. Fox tries to slam him – even going so far as to leave Guliani’s microphone on while Ron talks so you can hear him laugh.

Dr. Paul handles it just fine.

The budget for Fox News debates need to be included in Fox campaign finance contributions.

Update: WOW. Fox News cut this segment from re-broadcast. Total censorship.

What is up with this?

Hillary Clinton became visibly emotional at a New Hampshire campaign event today after a friendly question from a voter.

At the close of a Portsmouth campaign stop, Marianne Pernold-Young, 64, asked Clinton: “How do you do it? How do you keep up … and who does your hair?”

Clinton said she had help with her hair on “special days,” and that she drew criticism on the days she did not.