Quick Zeo Mobile review

In the past I’ve been critical of the Zeo. I found it was an expensive toy with no REAL use in the real world.

The problem is that the previous device required you to manually upload the data EVERY NIGHT and in my mind for biohacking this type of recurring manual intervention becomes annoying VERY quickly.

The Zeo Mobile does away with this though.  You just start it on your phone and off it goes.

All your data is on your smart phone and in the cloud.

The cool thing is that I can wake up the next morning and determine if I need to go back asleep or not based on how much REM and deep sleep I’ve had the night before.

In my experience if I do not train the night before I need 1 hour of deep and 2 hours of REM.

If train the day before I usually need about 1:20 of deep and 2:30 of REM.  Which translate to about 9 hours of sleep.

The problem is that I CAN accidentally wake up too soon and FEEL fine in the AM … but come around 2-3 PM I can crash hard.  

The new Zeo has been a real win in this regard for me and I’m sticking to it religiously now.  



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