Awesome polyphasic sleep info graphic

Check out this awesome polyphasic sleep info graphic from the guys at trypolyphasic.

After I get done this cut and get down to about 165, I am going to try to maintain my weight and bulk up for about another month and get a new baseline on my health.

Then I’m going to try polyphasic.

I think I can do the “biphasic siesta” method pretty easily.  In past experiments it seems that my body NATURALLY wants to do this but I wasn’t very good at napping.

I think if I practice napping I can get better at it … but right now it takes me a long time to nap.

Also now that I have the Zeo mobile I can take it into work or just have two versions.

Having the data is valuable.

The weird thing is that sometimes when I lay down I find that the Zeo SAYS I was in REM briefly but I don’t feel like I actually slept. 

The Adderall seems to cause me to become startled just as I’m about to fall asleep.  

I’m going to try to phase off the Adderall as not being able to nap is causing problems and less efficiency which is counterproductive.


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