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logo_ning_largeTechcrunch has the scoop that 24 Hour Laundry has launched and is now called Ning.

Seems like a cool app. Basically an IDE for normal people to build their own social applications. Might really take off and I wish them well.

My initial thought was that they’re going to have significant scalability problems.

Friendster had them but imagine you’re running a company that’s hosting five Friendster-style sites.

Unless they really have their cluster designed to scale linearly for a long time to go you can expect that they’ll have problems shortly.

Of course if they hire the best and the brightest they might have a shot. I certainly wish them the best of luck.


I applied for a Ning beta developer account. I’m going to try to see if they handle some odd situations to see of flexible they are. For example I noticed that their Restaurant Review App doesn’t have an RSS feed so I’m wondering how hard this would be to add.

It’s also obvious that you couldn’t write an aggregator with this thing. You couldn’t build a Technorati or a Rojo.