Android Open Accessory API Without ANT+

What’s up with this? This makes me crazy :-P

Google releases the Android Open Accessory API but fails to ship ANT+ support?

ONLY USB and no Bluetooth for now.

This is amazingly LAME.

Sony can ship ANT+ for Android but Google can’t?

The demo they gave on the screen, with an Android game monitoring the pace of the bike could have actually been done directly with existing ANT+ open standard wireless.

In fact, my new Trek Madone 5.5 ACTUALLY HAS AN INTEGRATED ANT+ ALREADY.

I could download the existing game and throw my bike on a trainer and actually play the game via existing hardware using an open wireless standard with existing technology.

So now my bike needs to have a USB port? Lame.

For Google to adopt a new API but ignore existing open wireless standards is amazingly lame.

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