The horrible problem of synchronized fitness data.

I rigorously track my food and fitness with as many tools as possible.

However, right now it’s a HORRIBLE mismash of technologies that don’t talk to each other.

Here’s what I currently use, or potentially use, and I want them ALL wirelessly communicating with each other without having to manually enter the data across websites.



My Digital WiThings wifi scale (which I just bought but am not using yet)

– My Garmin heart rate monitor (FR60) and Garmin Connect

– Polar CS500 bike computer (haven’t bought this yet)

Zeo sleep monitoring system

– Garmin heart rate data uploaded to Runkeeper.

– My Omron blood pressure monitor.

My scale should broadcast my weight to all these systems.

All the data should be available to my doctor if necessary.

Most of these things require manual data uploads. This is HELL for me…. I hate it. It’s a non-starter now.

The Zeo, Garmin, etc. Don’t use them anymore. I’m starting to not use the Omron for my blood pressure (I have mild hypotension due to my athletic lifestyle which is annoying)… And the CS500 didn’t even get bought because it’s a non-starter for me to have to manually sync the data with a USB dongle’d computer.

I have a laptop. I’m not going to keep USB dongles in them all the time.

Runkeeper is kind of annoying. If it had a cadence sensor I could put it on my bike and have Runkeeper automatically start/stop my rides once it noticed the cadence censor data.

That would ROCK. Right now it’s somewhat annoying to have to click that stop/start button but I haven’t stopped yet. The support of a cadence sensor would fix that for me and I’d be in heaven with Runkeeper.

Either that or automatically start once they see my heart rate above a certain level. The problem is that right now I have to insert the Fisica utility which is annoying …

I’m about 2-4 years ahead of the tech curve here I think. This type of quantification is rare so I think I”m seeing some of the early adopter problem.

I’m a pioneer with arrows in his back.

  1. Hi Kevin –

    Derek from Zeo here. We hear you.

    I believe we are nearing the end of body monitoring v1.0 (when self tracking became intriguing to a wider audience, but most of the products only played within their own ecosystem) and at the beginning of phase 2 (when all devices will be connected, and it will be tablestakes that they play nice with one another).

    Early adopters like yourself are the reason we’re approaching this transition… From one of the companies that has learned a tremendous amount from early adopter feedback – thank you. There are brighter days ahead.

    The arrows in your back will certainly be rewarded with incredible discoveries…


  2. I really hope you’re right. These products need to be very promiscuous about sharing data when the user wants it to be free.

    I’m just feeling a LOT of the pain right now because I’m a significant early adopter.

    I use ALL these tools as I’m a tech geek AND addicted to fitness.

    As *soon* as the Zeo ships with Wifi I’m going to be buying one… It’s been two years so hopefully you guys have been working on something cool :)

    I have like 2 weeks of data on the Zeo. Without it uploading the data transparently I just leave it on the device which means I don’t get to look at it when I’m curious.

    If I actually did all the work all my devices required I would spend like an hour every day just managing data.

    That’s no fun!

  3. Daren

    The Tanita BC-1000 scales will ANT+ pair with your FR60 and view the data in the Health tab on Garmin connect.

    If you got a Garmin 310XT/Edge 500 or something you could use your existing Garmin heart rate monitor and get a bike/speed sensor which does auto start/stop based on speed or cadence, plus in your Garmin connect you’ll see moving time along with actual time. Zero averaging for cadence etc can be turned on/off also.

    That sounds like it could save you a lot of time

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