Facebook CTO Bret Taylor’s Biggest Mistake? Buying Servers

There’s a middle path here. You can go with someone like Softlayer or Rackspace and have your cake and eat it too.

Softlayer is a bit closer to being the cloud. We love them. Great company. Major partner for us… we’re going to be doubling down on servers this year and they’re going to get another big order from us.

This was the best decision I’ve made regarding Spinn3r I think. We gave this decision a lot of thought and were going to Colo but at the last minute I said felt that Colo was just a bad call and we went with Softlayer instead.



Facebook CTO Bret Taylor says buying servers was a mistake. A very big mistake. At the time, he was chief executive at FriendFeed, which eventually was sold to Facebook for the tidy sum of a reported $50 million. But these were the early days. He and his team needed to decide between buying servers or using Amazon Web Services. They bought the servers.

[From Facebook CTO Bret Taylor’s Biggest Mistake? Buying Servers – ReadWriteCloud]


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