Toyota and Tesla route around China’s rare-earth shortages.

This is interesting. Toyota and Tesla are routing around China’s rare-earth shortages and are shipping rare earth free engines in 2012. The all electric RAV4 also seems pretty cool.


Toyota’s move feels reminiscent of electric car makers saying “booyah” to oil. It also shows that at least one major automaker is bearish on the prospect of the rare earth shortages lessening any time soon. The article also notes that Toyota’s electric RAV4 (pictured), which it paid Tesla $60 million to help develop, will use a special Tesla induction motor that is rare earths-free. The motor is similar to the (also rare earths-free) technology in Tesla’s all-electric Roadster sports car and 2012 Model S sedan.

[From Toyota, Tesla give China’s rare earths the electric car snub | VentureBeat]


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