The SoftLayer API

SoftLayer posted a blog entry on their API , how their entire portal is implemented on their API, etc.

We use their API extensively at Spinn3r. Most of our automation is implemented on top of their API.

I’m surprised that other providers like Rackspace haven’t implemented a similar API (or flat out cloned it) for their customers.


Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces. An API allows a developer to create software that directly interfaces with another system. A simple example would be an online retail site that drop ships products from a distributor. Without an API, the retail site administrator might have to manually update stock availability and product information, but with an API, the retail site administrator can link directly to the distributor’s database to display real-time stock and product changes.

SoftLayer has taken this concept to a whole new level. Most APIs are added to an existing system allowing the developer to interact with a small part of the overall architecture. SoftLayer took a different approach. We built our entire system on the API. This means anything you can do from our Portal, you can do via the API.

[From API Basics: What is the API? – The InnerLayer – SoftLayer Blog]


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