Strava raises $3.5M to for social biking.

Nice to see that Strava raised some money. Their app looks pretty cool but I do have to admit that I have not yet appreciated the Zen of their approach.

Perhaps because their iPhone application doesn’t yet work and they prefer Garmin GPS devices.

I don’t see the need and probably will NOT buy a Garmin GPS device. The problem is that between backpacking and camping, and mountain climbing, that I would need to buy like 3 Garmin devices and I’d have to shell out more than $1500. I don’t see the point especially when I already have hardware (the iPhone) that is capable of working with this data.


The service itself is device agnostic — users download data from any application that tracks movement through a GPS function and upload it to the site. That information can come from actual GPS devices, like Garmin, or from any of the applications for the iPhone and phones running on Google’s Android mobile operating system. Strava also expects to release an iPhone application that will streamline the uploading process soon.

[From Strava raises $3.5M to track cycling data for hardcore performers | VentureBeat]


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