RunKeeper FINALLY adds heart rate monitoring!

This is pretty awesome. RunKeeper has finally added heart rate monitoring!

This is JUST in time for me as I was getting REALLY tired of having to lug around my FR60 on my rides. It also helps RunKeeper screw over some of their major competitors (Garmin) as I’m no longer uploading my data to Garmin anymore.

It WOULD be nice of they added support for other ANT+ devices like cadence sensors.

I wonder if the numbers are too small though. I really wish I could configure RunKeeper to omit the graph (it’s useless) and just show the numbers that I care about (speed, distance, heart rate, elapsed time, calories, etc).

Also, does this mean that RunKeeper is only showing heart rate or are they using this as input for their calorie prediction?


Heart Rate Monitoring. RunKeeper now supports the Wahoo heart rate monitor for the iPhone and the Polar WearLink®+ transmitter with Bluetooth® for Android to provide real-time heart rate data straight to the RunKeeper app on your mobile device.

[From Introducing heart rate monitoring and more! | RunKeeper]



  1. Ray

    Sounds like you need to try Jog Log if you want more data screens on your page. You get everything all nice and big and it is totally customizable.

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