Apple to Include Ant+ in the Next version of the iPhone?

I have a bit of conjecture here.

ANT+ is a low-power wireless for exchanging data among peripheral devices. Generally this is telemetry or biometric data used in fitness gear but could really be anything (the MPH of your car for example).

I have an ANT+ heart monitor made by Garmin. I like it….. it’s ok. The Garmin FR60 watch is a huge rock that I have to lug along with my iPhone on my bike every morning.

The heart rate data is invaluable as I can use it to test my volume, ETA until capacity, etc.

I can’t and won’t live without it but I want to throw my Garmin FR60 watch out the window.

My iPhone COULD listen to this data and Runkeeper could display my heart rate on screen and use it for calorimetric prediction.

However, Runkeeper has be pretty stubborn about implementing ANT+. There are ANT+ companies building 3rd party add ons for the iPhone but they haven’t implemented it yet.

Here is my prediction.

Apple will implement ANT+ (or their own protocol) in the next iPhone.

This strategy is compatible with Steve Jobs’ playbook.

First. It would be a save, vertically integrated, and cultivated UI… You’d have your whole fitness world (and digital world) integrated around your Apple devices.

Second. It would cut Garmin out of the market. The entire cycle computer industry (Garmin, Polar, etc) would collapse and fall under Apple.

If Apple has signed an NDA with Runkeeper (one of the leaders in fitness apps for the iPhone) this would explain why they are hesitant about implementing something as a better solution is right around the corner.

  1. KC

    But if Bluetooth Low Energy is right around the corner might ANT+ just get swept under the rug? Maybe that’s the real reason most companies haven’t gone with ANT+ because it would only be a short term solution until BLE is available?

  2. Yeah… I should have noted more clearly that it could be another wireless technology that Apple is probably going to announce with a number of major vendors (Nike, maybe Garmin, etc).

    I wonder if there is a technical reason why ANT+ won’t work. It sucks because there are a lot of ANT+ devices but this is how tech works sometimes.

    I already have an ANT+ HRM but it’s only $40 to get a new one.

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