Fitness and Data Analysis

This is an interesting startup… I’ve been really involved in fitness the last year. I’ve taken a bit of time off from the startup scene as I want to run Ironman in Kona in October 2011.

Best shape of my life… Lost 70 lbs. Bike 18 miles a day.

Anyway, the point is that I’ve had to spend 1-2 hours per day working on my routine and my health. I’m NOT confident in any of the personal trainers I’ve seen out there as none of them seem to have accomplished what they’re advising you on…

Gain Fitness seems to maybe change this as they could take a data oriented approach.


It’s aimed at regular exercisers who already hit the gym two to five times a week, but get frustrated at their lack of progress and the time it takes to both plan and track workouts. The notion of the site’s Quick Workout is that Gain Fitness can take out the time it takes to think through and plan a workout, while using principles of exercise science to design a sensible routine. Gammell estimates this demographic includes 50 million to 60 million people in the United States alone.

[From Gain Fitness wants to start your gym resolution early | VentureBeat]


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