CR48 Thoughts and Feedback

I’m going to keep a running blog post on CR48 thoughts as I use this for my day to day work (or at least try to):

– as a software engineer it’s hard to use fully as I live in Emacs.

– There needs to be so solution for running something like Pidgin in the background. Isn’t this a cloud app? Google Talk isn’t the only IM provider. It’s ironic that that the Google Talk client only runs on Windows.

– The trackpad is a bit funky to get used to.

– I don’t like the lower case keys on the keyboard. I’m used to >= 15 years of upper case keys and my brain doesn’t recognize them.

– I like the keyboard and feel of the case. It’s nice and soft.

– The power charger is hugely retro and ugly. I want this thing to have an Apple mag connector but I guess Apple has patents on that :-(

– I want site specific browsers, not just tabs. I need to really easily switch to gmail and not just search for it among a sea of tabs.

– Gtalk only works in gmail (again) and of course does not support OTR so when I login to gmail on my CR48 all of my contacts start communicating with me over encrypted IM and that is FAIL.

– For a secondary machine it’s actually pretty decent. This is how I’m using it now. Right now I have a movie I downloaded playing on my MBP and I’m watching it in the background while I work on the CR48.

  1. Hit C-M-t to open a terminal, then ssh to a machine on which you can run Emacs. Use the window-switching key (aka F5) to switch between the browser and Emacs.

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