InnoDB page size and SSD

Mark Callaghan made some progress with 4k pages in and InnoDB. I ran some number on SSD with 8k pages but my 4k build would dump core.

The numbers for 8k show some potential.

The way I see this working is that one would buffer the first and second level btree pages in memory and the rest of the InnoDB database would be served from SSD.

We’re going to be trying to run InnoDB on 4x 64GB Intel SLC SSDs.

The key is that have high sustained reads with a much larger storage capacity.

With 4k pages we’re going to be doing far less SSD reads. However, the SSDs are so fast that reading the extra data might not impact performance significantly.

As an aside. InnoDB should be able to have a runtime reconfiguration of page size. ALTER TABLE FOO page_size=4096 would be nice.

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