Open MySQL Meetup at Oracle Open World

Spinn3r will be hosting an Open MySQL meetup at Oracle Open World (which is right down the street).

This would be on Wed 10/14 2009 at 7pm … at 580 Howard Suite 301 (Spinn3r HQ)

Oracle owns MySQL, InnoDB, etc so I suspect a lot of Oracle people and MySQL hackers will be interested in attending more of an Open Source and community centered meetup.

We’ll just be hanging out at our offices … we’ll have beer and food.

Feel free to bring your laptops as we have Wifi :)

This is contingent on at least 10 RSVPs as I want to make sure there is interest from the community.

Please RSVP here

It’s a bit late notice so if you could help spread the world by blogging about this that would be GREAT!

  1. mysqler

    Small correction: Oracle does not *yet* own MySQL. It’s still awaiting regulatory approval.

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