InnoDB and 4k page size benchmarks?

Has anyone done any more work on recompiling InnoDB with 4k pages and benchmarking under SSD?

We’re building out a new DB that uses very small records (around 32-64 bytes) so reading a whole 16k for this record should have a performance difference.

I haven’t seen any benchmarks on 16k random read IOPS on the Intel SSD but my hunch is that there will be a 20-30% penalty here.

Though even if it was a 4x penalty that would still be about 9k transactions per second which is pretty good.

On a personal note I just bought a new Mac Book Pro which will be upgraded to the Intel X-25M MLC SSD.

Needless to say I’m very excited!

  1. Peter and Vadim did tests with different-size InnoDB pages long ago and found that it didn’t actually make significant difference (the original guess was that say 64kb might work better than 16kb on more modern hw – not so apparently).
    But SSD is a new param in the equation, so it might be worth revisiting and essentially test various page sizes…. the monster is that it requires a recompile.

  2. I remember that post on 64KB and that it was somewhat inconclusive …. I think the test is to have it on SSD.

    I suspect that there will be SOME hit but not much of one….

    Also, for some applications, it might be beneficial to have 512 byte pages.

    Of course one needs to look at the numbers on the SSD drives…

  3. Indeed. Well if you do the test and come up with some more conclusive data, OurDelta could do some builds for that, like an SSD edition for relevant platforms/arch.

  4. Mark Callaghan

    As I am still waiting to buy my Intel X25-M, I don’t have numbers. But RethinkDB does at

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