OCZ and More Flash Options.

OCZ has their new PCI flash devices on the market at $3.36 per GB … these guys are FAST.

Read: Up to 500 MB/s-Write: Up to 470MB/s -Sustained Write: Up to 200MB/s

They still aren’t commodity just yet but flash on PCI is very interesting.

Another major issue here is the device driver.

If OCZ were to OSS their driver and get it into the Linux kernel I’m sure Debian folks would go this route rather than FusionIO (their driver is still closed source).

 Www.Engadget.Com Media 2009 09 Ocz-Z Drive-Ssd-Final

  1. Perplexed

    Why would you want to waste cash on a Z-Drive? They’re basically an downsized RAID controller that’s been overpriced. I’m not much a fan of their prices, but Fusion-io’s ioDrive (or better yet ioDrive Duo) is way more bang for my department’s budget, performance wise.

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