Leaders in Real Time Search

Venturebeat has a great piece on Real Time Search out right now covering a hot new trend.

Real-time search engines have proliferated over the last month, with a series of launches from start-ups like Topsy, almost.at and Scoopler. The companies are hoping to edge in on a space that Google co-founder Larry Page has admitted is a weakness for the search giant. And they’re using microblogging and social bookmarking sites as tools to figure out what content is relevant up to the second.

This includes new startups like Topsy, Scoopler, OneRiot, TweetMeme, Almost.at, DailyRT, Twazzup, Friendfeed, Collecta, and CrowdEye.

Some of these guys are already using Spinn3r… I should be able to disclose a few here this week (need to check and verify).

We’re also working on some more real time social medial integration in Spinn3r so I’m hoping to work with more of these companies directly.

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