Facebook Pages are Just Blogs

The new Facebook Pages are really just blogs. Unfortunately, not very good ones.

First. It’s totally possible that a given page/blog doesn’t have permalinks. If it’s a ‘note’ then it has a permalink. If it’s a ‘link’ then it does not have a permalink.

How am I supposed to share these with people over IM or link to them? There’s no link!

Second. No RSS or Atom. Seriously Facebook? Seriously?

These pages are public. They update frequently. They should have an RSS feed.

Those who have not learned the mistakes of content management systems are doomed to repeat them.

Seriously. We learned ALL of these lessons back in 2000. Can we not repeat the mistakes of the past?

  1. Im a fan of Facebook and what they’ve accomplished but what you say is very true. Facebook, LinkedIn and others are holding on to what they view as their family jewels. Open syndication and/or adoption of RSS output is not in their best interest, or so they think. Facebook seems to be moving that way, slowly..but wouldn’t it be great if they truly cracked the top open and started a movement?

  2. Hey Steve.

    Just for the record I’m a big fan of Facebook too…. I just would just like to see them do the right thing here.


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