Please Adopt an Endangered Snow Leopard

200906082221Perhaps you’ve been reading all the news today about Apple’s new Snow Leopard release.

What you didn’t see mentioned is that the Snow Leopard is an endangered species. Along with the Bengal Tigers and most of the big cats.

The total wild population could be from 4-6k individuals.

The Snow Leopard might become extinct in your lifetime. You grandchildren might grow up in a world where Snow Leopards are only myth and legend and the name of an old and obsolete computer Operating System.

Don’t worry though. You can help the World Wildlife Fund by adopting your very own Snow Leopard.

I just bought a $250 family kit.

Can you match my donation?

You can also join the Facebook cause for the International Snow Leopard Trust or make a donation directly.

Inhabiting the rugged, mountainous terrain of Central Asia and the Himalayan region, snow leopards have long hind limbs and shortened front limbs, which allow them to leap 20 to 50 feet through the air. The diet of these cats varies by region and season, but consists mostly of wild sheep and goats, and smaller animals such as pikas, zokors and marmots. Snow leopards are threatened by habitat loss, diminished food supply, hunting for the illegal wildlife trade and revenge killings by herders. WWF works with local people and supports research and habitat conservation projects to protect these beautiful cats throughout their range.

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