Spinn3r 3.0: New Features, New Architecture, New APIs – More Goodness

200812181719I’m proud to announce that we have just released Spinn3r 3.0 after more than a year of development.

This has been quite a lot of work based on feedback from our customer base and ships with some really awesome functionality.

Most of this time has been spent on architecture but a good deal has been spent implementing features for our rapidly growing user base.

When you outsource a major component of your infrastructure, like crawling, you tend to lean on it heavily and push it to the very edge.

Spinn3r has benefited significantly from our user base as they have suggested a number of excellent features. This has dramatically increased our reliability, performance, and feature set.

A good deal of work here has been spent on scalability, performance, and optimizations, including serious improvements to our core backend infrastructure.

There’s quite a lot that’s new in this release so I’ll just dive in.

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