VMWare Fusion vs Parallels on OSX with Ubuntu

I spend a few hours this morning playing with Parallels and VMWare Fusion on OS X running Ubuntu.

I’m sick Spaces / virtual desktops in OS X being slow. It’s hurting my work now as I jump between desktops. I’m probably going to go back to a single desktop for OS X for a while and use it as a secondary machine.

Ubuntu/Linux seems like the ideal system as it’s more native for Emacs/Unix development.

Long story short, running Ubuntu in a virtual environment on OS X won’t really work. The is just far too much lag between desktop switches.

Of course the only option after this is dedicated hardware… though it would be nice to play with an Ubuntu build for a few hours first before throwing down the cash for hardware for a new OS.

  1. Personally, having all three installed, I like VirtualBox much much better than Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

  2. I’ve had the same problem with Ubuntu and Windows XP. The set up was too slow and eventually forced me to do it the old way: dual boot. Ideally, virtualization should be very efficient, but unfortunately it is just efficient on paper, but in practice it’s quite slow.

    I have heard of better things come from virtualization set ups for servers. My company’s server admin managed to cut costs by setting up several copies of OS and web-servers on the same machine. If one OS or web-server (apache) would crash, the others were load-shared to take over. It worked much better than expected.

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