Apple Is Getting Lazy

For a while I was using Forget Me Not to sync up my laptop when I disconnected from my 30″ cinema display.

Users of portable Macs, how many times have you encountered this scenario? You’ve connected your laptop to a nice big monitor, you have your windows arranged for optimal creativity and productivity, then you realize that there’s a meeting in 10 minutes and you need your Mac for a presentation. Suddenly, you break out into a cold sweat, knowing that the window arrangement you spent countless hours on will be lost! (Ok, maybe not hours, but still…)

For the life of me I can’t imagine why Apple hadn’t implemented this in OS X.

A few months back it stopped working. Or at least I *thought* it stopped working as I don’t disconnect from my LCD as much as I once did.

Now I check back and notice this:

UPDATE: A while back I was contacted by an Apple representative who expressed interest in providing an API suitable for FMN. If you want to revive FMN, please file a bug report at (requires a free ADC membership) and say you want to support the enhancement in bug report 6018339. Apple considers duplicate bug reports “votes”, so every report is valuable!

RIP FMN: Unfortunately, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard has killed FMN dead. FMN relied on being able to query the properties of windows during a “screen configuration is about to change” notification. Apple broke that ability in Leopard and doesn’t seem interested in restoring it. (They have closed the bug that I filed as “behaves as intended”.) I’m afraid I’m not realistically going to have the time to work around this problem. So as much as it pains me to say it, I’m going to have to declare FMN dead as of Leopard. Thanks to everybody who wrote telling me how they enjoyed the app — it was fun while it lasted!

Great job guys. People depended on this behavior. You should ship another API or compatible functionality.

To add insult to injury – I also use Spaces in OS X.

What a piece of garbage. Unfortunately, I’m stuck using it as I depend too highly on virtual desktop.

Spaces is an amazingly stupid design. When you switch virtual desktops it actually slides the whole UI across the screen in front of you with a vertigo inducing and CPU hogging animation.

Honestly, this feature alone is going to push me to use Linux/Ubuntu again. I’ll probably end up using OS X for applications that aren’t available on Linux but then switch back to Linux for my development (Emacs, GCC, xterm, etc).

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