Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball


I seem to enjoy all things happy fun ball related.

It’s a shame NBC won’t allow the Youtube clip to stay online.

  1. Barry Spencer

    Two weeks ago I went to the birthday garden party of a friend of mine. She had received gifts including a transparent, flexible plastic ball filled with clear fluid and gold glitter.

    She showed me her gift and of course said, “Look! Happy Fun Ball!”

    Later I was sitting at a table eating when I noticed smoke rising from the tablecloth. The ball was focusing sunlight into a point on the tablecloth, and scorching a hole in it.

    My friend has since seen this ball for sale and says it has a warning label on it. But the label is transparent.

    If I wrote the warning label it would say:

    Warning: Sunlight concentrated by Happy Fun Ball can start fires, scorch surfaces, ignite clothing, and burn skin. Keep Happy Fun Ball away from direct sun or places that may receive direct sun. Store Happy Fun Ball in a dark place. Do not look at sun through Happy Fun Ball as this may cause temporary or permanent blindness.

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