A Web Architecture Monitoring iPhone Application

We use Nagios and SMS to alert for any anomaly within Spinn3r. This allows us to catch issues VERY early and preempt any potential site outage for our customers.

For example, if we notice that are robots are falling 60-120 seconds behind this usually means something bad is happening. In most situation we track it down to a robot or database server paging or using too much CPU.

The problem is that delivering these messages to the iPhone via SMS is non-ideal.

1. I want LOUD and persistent messages that MUST be acknowledged.

2. I want different ring tones for different states. A warning ring tone should NOT be the same for error or success. If a box recovers I want to hear a different sound which hints that the state is now OK.

3. I don’t want it to require SMS. It should work over IP for situations where I have wifi but not AT&T service. For example, if I go to a cabin up in Tahoe or Yosemite which has wifi (but no AT&T service) I still want to receive messages.

You an sort of get away with this by using Web Site Pulse. If you setup their service to call you then you can setup a custom ringtone. When WSP calls my cell at 4AM it sounds like a fire alarm is going off and the thing can wake me from even the deepest slumber.

  1. Mike

    We use WebSitePulse as well and I’m reasonably happy, but am starting to look at Pingdom as well.

    At first I thought ‘web architecture monitoring’ was checking on W3C TAG proclamations.

  2. I canceled our pingdom account…. it just stopped working one day and failed to deliver messages for three weeks.

    Which is the WORSE possible thing that could have happened.

    Pingdom said it was a problem with their SMS provider but I think they should have fixed it instead of forcing their customers to first find the problem after missing weeks of messages.

    Anyway….. WSP is more than fine for our needs as it’s just backup for Nagios.

  3. So where does an iPhone application enter here?

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