Super Capacitor and Flash Backed RAID controllers

The other day I blogged about using super capacitors to power DRAM while write caching RAID controllers were powered off. Looks like one already exists:

EcoStor battery-free alternative for cache back up – the 2330 uses an environmentally friendly, “green” battery-free alternative for cache back up, that leverages a combination of super capacitors and compact flash technology for non-volatile cache memory.

In the event of a power interruption, the cache in the storage unit is powered by super capacitors; the cache is then transferred to compact flash, ensuring it is stored safely and securely – indefinitely. This approach also provides a “trickle charge” to the cache, eliminating the need to re-sync the contents of the compact flash in the event the outage was due to a “brown out.”

This reduces total cost of ownership and enhances the user experience in a number of ways. With up to a 10-year life span, the solution eliminates service calls for battery replacement, new battery inventory management, and the issues of battery disposal, as well as the periodic replacement downtime associated with batteries. Additionally, it offer an improved customer experience upon installation or power restore as it does not require lengthy battery charging time. The array operates in high-performance write-back cache mode within minutes of installation, versus hours with batteries.

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