LazyWeb: Help me find this desk…

I’ve been trying to buy this desk for a few weeks now.

Apparently, all the desks made are either cheap and about to fall apart or they’re circular, curved, too short or have other problems.

This guy on flickr has the best desk ever. It’s called the Kalidro and sold by Steelcase. The problem is that it’s only sold in Europe.

It’s pretty awesome though. You can adjust the height and it also has a cable trap to hide the ugly iphone and recharger cables that can clutter your desk.

I’m basically looking for something that’s 72″ wide (6′), and a normal rectangle config with a smooth surface.

Ikea has a nice wooden desk that they sell that’s 6′ wide and actually pretty inexpensive but they don’t smooth or finish the surface. This means that it hurts your arms and absorbs stains easily.


  1. Hey David.

    Steelcase US does not sell this particular desk in the US…only Europe.

    Further, I can’t actually get me to sell me anything.

    I’ve called them 3-4 times and I’ve only now found a dealer who will talk to me but says she can’t get info from steelcase on how to reproduce this desk.


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