Violin’s Flash Device

Well this is awesome:

The flash version has an eight times larger capacity of 4TB, starting at 320GB and consists single level cell (SLC) NAND flash. Its latency is around 23 times slower at 70 microseconds. It supports more than 100,000 sustained random write IOPS and 200,000 read IOPS (4K blocks) and can do so for ten years. According to Violin, users would need 500 15,000 rpm Fibre Channel drives to deliver this level of performance.

The biggest barrier to running MySQL/InnoDB on a device like this is that it’s going to be 100% CPU bound.

My advice to the guys at Fusion IO or Violin is to give/loan one of your lower end machines to Percona, MySQL AB, or even just reach out to one of the alpha geeks.

Of course over time this stuff will just get fixed.

Your devices are going to be CPU bound at first but with motivation they will quickly fix the problem and you’ll sell more customers.

  1. “Violin says it costs less than $50/GB suggesting that a fully-configured TB flash 1010 would be $200,000.”

    The Intel X25-M, that you and Linus blogged about previously, costs around $8/GB. Despite Linus’ claims, 1000 write IOPS seems more reasonable according to other benchmarks (and Intel quotes only 3300 for the X25-E).

    The Violin costs $2/IOPS while the Intel costs $0.64/GB. To hit 4TB would require 52 80GB drives at $33k, though a real setup would include redundancy, say 64 drives at $41k.

    Of course, you’d still need a crazy box to put them all in. Something like the Sun X4500 that uses 2.5″ instead of 3.5″ drives (and ships empty) would be ideal.

  2. That $8/GB claim seems very low. I’m going to have to investigate this :)


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