Spinn3r Weblog Hosting Breakdown

I bumped into Toni Schneider today at Crossroads and was reminded that we haven’t yet published our CMS breakdown.



We’re going to be publishing live these on spinn3r.com ….

This is based on raw posts per hour, with spam removed.

Statistics can tend to give you a limited perspective of what’s under the cover. For example, I suspect that the average typepad blog post has a higher rank than the average WordPress post.

Our new stats system allows us to ship a LOT more stats now (and scale them). For example, we should ship a ranking breakdown for WordPress, language post rate for WordPress, or even run these across all of the blog hosts.

Pretty good timing though considering WordCamp is right around the corner.

  1. Kevin, what’s your statistical universe here? I may be out of date on Spinn3r, but I thought you were editorially selecting a subset of blogs to index, rather than trying to be comprehensive?

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