John Lennon on Nonviolence

“The militant revolutionaries, ask ’em to show you one revolution that turned out to be what it promised – militantly.

Take Russia, France, Anywhere. What you do is smash the place down then we build it up again – and the people who build it up, hang on to it – and then they become the establishment. You guys are going to be the establishment in a few years. It’s not worth knocking it down because it’s convenient to have the rules and the machinery.

The thing is to protest but protest non-violently because violence begets violence.

If you run around wild you get smashed. After all that’s the law of the universe.

They’ve got all the weapons and they’ve got all the money and they know how to fight violence because they’ve been doing it for a thousand years.

The only thing they don’t know about is non-violence and humor. “

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