Recommendations for Work-friendly Coffee Shops in Seattle?

Well I’m up in Seattle for another week. I’m going to be here until the Google Scalability Conference.

I’m trying to compile a list of decent places to work out of until I head back to Seattle. I’ve become spoiled by my 30″ Apple cinema display setup.

I’m going to head over to Victrola Coffee tomorrow morning.

Any other suggestions?

  1. I’m a big fan of University Zoka in the UDistrict, as well as Vivace in South Lake Union. Bauhaus is another good one in Capitol Hill (and just around the corner from Victrola).

  2. Stumptown Coffee at 1115 12th Ave.Lighthouse in Fremont on 43rd.Second the recommendation for Vivace Alley 24.

  3. Another vote for Zoka, though I like the one in Greenlake. Also, Caffe Vita (in Fremont and in Capitol Hill), Zeitgeist in Pioneer Square, Herkimer’s and Wayward in Phinney Ridge, or Cafe Ladro (Fremont, Queen Anne, and probably a few other places). Or, if you’re feeling decadent, I totally recommend Chocolati in Wallingford — fantastic hot chocolate with optional espresso shots.

    Yes, I spend a lot of time working from cafes :)

  4. Check out one of our experimental deployment of our platform for places… and

    It’s a bit empty right now as far as comments goes, but the database is loaded with 17Mil+ places and the output is fully microformated…

    It’s a platform we made to blog about places and vote/comment/tag them, in the context of an existing community.

    It’s kind of a “distributed digg for places” if that makes sense… plugins for wordpress and movable type and API available early july.

    Not at the “crawler” phase yet, as we had discussed previously, but getting there somewhere this year!

    Good luck with your working/coffee finding spree!

  5. (for the archives)

    I enjoyed working from Online Coffee Company when I lived in Seattle.

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