Super Talent Launches High Performance SSDs @ $21/GB

More competition for Mtron is right around the corner.

The Mtron PRO 7000 at 32GB is $1,129 or $35 per GB and can write at 90MB/s.

The Super Talent MasterDrive DX at 64GB is $1299 or $20 per GB and can do 70MB/s throughput.

So the Super Talent drive is about 22% slower but 42% cheaper.

Though I don’t think the MTBF is high enough for DB operations.

That and there’s no published IOPS specification. Kind of important….

  1. Hi Kevin,

    My name is Steve Sattler and I am recently on board at Fusion-IO — we make the ioDrive.

    The ioDrive represents nothing short of a fundamental rethinking of storage and storage architecture.
    Of course it’s small, non-volatile, and uses very little power.

    The ioDrive is similar in performance to 1000 mechanical drives in a rack but without all the required infrastructure needed to support a large SAN: power supplies, racks, host bus adaptors, fibre channel, controller nodes, floor space — not to mention all the software and staff to manage the SAN. The ioDrive sits in the server on the same bus as the CPU and memory — a truly balanced architecture built for optimum performance.

  2. Hey Steve.

    I’d LOVE to see these shipping but from what I can tell they’re still vaporware at the moment.

    PLEASE prove me wrong though because I’d love to see more competition here.


  3. techguy

    Right, I agree with Kevin, when will you ship some of these drives? You really should work on Windows drivers as well. I just started using 2 Memoright drives on my workstation, but it’s Windows-based.

  4. IODrive

    Hey Steve,

    I have spent the last 30 minutes searching the internet for ANYONE who sells the IOdrive. Your website claims that you have “sold out,” but I see no evidence that you have shipped a single one. Nobody reports having tested or received one.

    It is strange that on your website it says absolutely nothing about where the product is available. Even if it’s backordered as your website claims, it should still be possible to order.

    This is classic vaporware and frankly it’s annoying as hell.

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