See you at the MySQL Users Conference

I’ll be at the MySQL users conference this week. Ping me if you want to chat.

Also, come see my talk on Thursday:

We present the backend architecture behind Spinn3r – our scalable web and blog crawler.

Most existing work in scaling MySQL has been around high read throughput environments similar to web applications. In contrast, at Spinn3r we needed to complete thousands of write transactions per second in order to index the blogosphere at full speed.

We have achieved this through our ground up development of a fault tolerant distributed database and compute infrastructure all built on top of cheap commodity hardware.

  1. todd

    Hi Kevin,

    Sounds interesting. I won’t be at the conference, but I was wondering if you’ll make the presentation available?

  2. Yeah…. I’ll post a PDF of the slides when I’m done.

    I’m still editing my talk though…. I think I want to add more SSD stuff…


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