Google to Open Bigtable?

Is Google going to release Bigtable to the public tomorrow?

That’s the rumor going around:

My guess is that Google will be announcing the launch of web services that will compete head on with those offered by Amazon and others. The anchor for these services, we hear, is their internal database system called BigTable. Google has definitely briefed press on the imminent launch of BigTable as a web service, although as we said last week we haven’t been contacted.

I’ve heard a few rumors from multiple parties today (via the back channel).

It sounds like the press is being briefed on a new service Google is about to release to developers — possibly as early as this week. The service is called BigTable, and it has been proving itself for quite a while as the storage engine behind many Google services.

I called this a few months back when I was at a Google open house event:

An audience member went up to the microphone and asked if Google had plans to provide BigTable, GFS, and MapReduce to the public as a web service. Larry looked RIGHT at Jeff Dean as if to say “if only they knew what we know”. I was in Larry’s direct line of sight so the look was plain as day.

It seem inevitable that Google will provide a similar feature (especially with Amazon doing it) but I think the main issue is a question of time.

… and others seem to agree.

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