High Performance SSD @ < $15 / GB

When I started looking at SSDs I compared the various Mtron models and they have a 32GB drive (vs 64GB) that prices out at $15/GB.

That’s a sweet spot so I decided to go with that model.

Well now it looks like that specific model is being discontinued in favor of the higher end mode that’s selling for $30/GB. Ouch.

However, with Fusion IO apparently RIGHT around the corner I’m expecting the price to fall VERY quickly.

Not only that, but Monday OCZ Technology is going to ship their drives at the $16/GB mark. That’s a 64GB drive for about $1k. The drive can read at 120MB/s and write at 100MB/s.

If they can get these out in volume and pull off decent random write IOPs we might have a winner.

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