Features in the Next Release of Spinn3r

A new release of Spinn3r is around the corner and I wanted to publish a link to documentation of a new feature we’re shipping.

We’re going to be releasing a new source API which allows our users to obtain the status of a weblog or register a new weblog (or feed) as a source within Spinn3r.

By default, these sources won’t be made available to our other users. If more than one of our users registers the same URL we’ll then make it a publish source.

This has been a frequent request over the last few months. It should also give us another signal for our spam detection algorithms.

  1. “obtain the status of a weblog or register a new weblog (or feed)”, is this a typo, or can you really register feeds instead of just sites? When trying to register a feed, it seems to spit back “Forbidden. Content is not HTML”.

  2. Hey Larry.

    Yes…. right now it needs to be a weblog and not an RSS feed. That was a restriction we had to put in at the last minute.

    I’ll grab some time so I can update the documentation.

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