On Recent Blogosphere Spam

Just an FYI, Tailrank (and Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, pretty much anyone that crawls the web) was hit with a coordinated spam attack sometime last night and early this morning.

This is similar to an attack that we found and documented before.

Some jerk has hacked into a few hundred WordPress blogs and installed a trojan which inserts links when crawlers visit their blogs.

A lot of innocent bloggers are going to be harmed by this attack by having their pagerank zero’d out…

He’s essentially built up a sleeper cell of blogs which he can turn evil at anytime he wants.

So far we’ve identified about 175 blogs that have been compromised. Another 50 this morning were discovered by our algorithms.

He might launch another attack again if he has a larger sleeper cell of blogs just waiting to spam search engines.

This appears to have been caused by a WordPress vulnerability and they’ve been notified of the problem.

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