Spinn3r Client Driver for Perl

200803141449The guys over at Slaant were nice enough to write an Open Source driver for Spinn3r written in Perl.

They did all the work here and we’re immensely grateful that they decided to release it as Open Source.

This is 100% native and uses Expat for XML parsing.

As part of this release I also wrote some notes on client design guidelines. It turns out that 80% of the problems are produced by common implementation issues. Things like using read and connect timeouts, correct DNS caching, UTF-8 encoding, etc.

WWW::Spinn3r is an iterative interface to the Spinn3r API. The Spinn3r API is implemented over REST and XML and documented throughly at `http://spinn3r.com/documentation’. This document makes many reference to the online doc and the reader is advised to study Spinn3r documentation before proceeding further.

This module gives your a perl hash interface to the API. You’ll need just two functions from this module: `new()’ and `next()’. `new()’ creates a new instance of the API and `next()’ returns the next item from the Spinn3r feed.

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