Destination Seattle…

200803131149Looks like I’m heading up to Seattle for about nine days. If anyone wants to meet for a geek lunch let me know. Seattle seems to have some smart people…

Current plans are to head to Mount Rainer on the weekend.

Any other suggestions while I’m there?

  1. Go see the Freemont Troll, and do the Seattle Underground Tour :)

    Find me for lunch. I am in California Monday -> Friday, but back after that for a week and so…

  2. If you like airplanes, the Museum of Flight is good.

  3. The best part of Mount Rainier are the clearings wildlowers on the northern foothills (along the road to Yakima), though they may not yet be in season.

    The Pike Place Market is still probably my favorite place in the world to shop for food — much less douchey-trendy than the Ferry Plaza (which I also like, but it’s just not the same). And you can’t go wrong with any of the great Tom Douglas restaurants (Dahlia Lounge, Etta’s) and Salumi, a great place owned and operated by the Batali family. But the Harvest Vine, a few doors down from my parent’s place, is absolutely world class.

    Best coffee is in Pioneer Square in a place next door to the original Torrefazione Italia, Caffe Umbria — which was bought by Starbucks, which then dismantled the retail operation. The new shop is owned by a relative of the original owner, who signed a non-compete when the roastery was purchased. I’ve also heard good things about Victoria Coffee on Capitol Hill.

  4. Dave

    Mt. Rainier is probably *not* where you want to visit this time of year. Everything above about 2000′ is completely snowed under, roads may be closed (hwy 410/12, mentioned by Jackson as the road to Yakima, is indeed still closed), etc. If you come back in June-October…then Mt. Rainier is one of the most amazing places on the planet. This weekend, you might be able to get up to Paradise and say, “hey, there’s a lot of snow here”. Sunrise, which IMO is much cooler, will be closed well into June this year, if not further. Alpine wildflowers, which are indeed stunning, will be at least June, maybe later.

    Since this has been an amazing snow year, skiing/boarding/snowmobiling is still a great thing to do this time of year. Most of the crowds are gone, but there is still a ton of snow up there.

    A whitewater trip (Skykomish, maybe other rivers are high enough) might be a reasonable thing to think of as well.

    Another +1 for the Museum of Flight.

    Restaurants: try Jak’s Grill in Issaquah. Get there 1-2 hours ahead of time, put your name on the list, then head diagonally across the street to the brewpub to wait.

    Book a flight with Kenmore Air (float planes) and fly up to somewhere in the San Juans for the day.

  5. I’d love to grab some lunch or coffee. Some of my favorites:

    Hamburgers: Red Mill Burgers
    Espresso: Vivace
    Thai food: Wild Ginger
    Expensive Sushi: Shiro’s
    Less Expensive Sushi: Maneki
    Comfort food: Kingfish Cafe

    I’d make sure to check the roads before you head out to Rainier. Some of them are impassable for a big chunk of the year.

    If you are a skier/boarder, there is still snow within an hour of Seattle.

    If you are here in April, the Tulip festival is neat.

  6. Wow…. awesome comments. Thanks. Def going to have to check out the museum of flight then.

    Brian, Tom, I’m totally down for lunch.


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