Report a Stolen Laptop – Have the Govt Take Copies of your DNA

No good deed goes unpunished:

A customer brought the laptop to Leapfrog Computers in Bolton on Monday to have it repaired, sales manager Jonathan Parry said.

“A technician had a look at it, opened it up to have a look at the components inside, and when you actually open up the laptop and take off the keyboard, underneath the keyboard was a CD,” Parry sai

He said six counterterrorism officers arrived the next day, taking the laptop, along with DNA samples and fingerprints from anyone who had handled it.

The moral of the story is to just dispose of the disk or else become suspected of a crime and have your personal information forever stored in Big Brother’s database.

  1. I believe this is a typical practice when forensics is going to be digging into something to eliminate prints and genetic material from non-suspects that handled the evidence.

    That said, it is crappy that doing the right thing gets you put in the database, and I think we should have strong laws that compartmentalize this data to each specific case rather than integrating it into large searchable databases.

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