Sysbench on SSD RAID benchmarks

I just spend a few hours today setting up RAID on SSD to see what the performance boost would look like.

I’m very happy with the results but they’re not perfect.

Here’s the results from comparing a single Mtron SSD vs a RAID 0 array running with a 64k chunk size.


Figure 1: Mtron SSD performance advantages with RAID.

The clear loser here is rndwr (random writes).

I’m pretty sure this has to with the 64k stripe/chunk size. I’m willing to be the RAID controller is deciding to write the entire chunk for small updates which would really hurt SSD performance since the ideal block size is 4k.

This is a MegaRAID controller so I need to figure out how to rebuild the array with a 4k stripe size.

I suspect I’ll see a 300% performance boost over a single Mtron drive but not much more. The random read numbers give us a 550% performance boost but I suspect this has to do with the buffer on the drive since we now have 3x the on disk memory buffer.

  1. Christian

    I just ordered 4 Memoright SSD 128 Gb to stripe in Raid 0 on a Mac Pro with Raid card.
    Expecting 400mb/sec average transfer rate with 0.1 ms access
    cant wait
    I’m already using one of these in my macbook pro.
    100 mb/sec transfer rate.
    My laptop is faster than a dual raptor raid setup.

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